Protecting your privacy is important to the Festival of Japan.

Whenever we collect and otherwise deal with your personal information, we are governed by Japanese privacy laws. Therefore, whenever collecting and dealing with information such as your name, address, email address or phone number, we will be bound by these laws.

Whenever we collect personal information from you, whether online or in hard copy form when dealing with your registration or any inquiries you may have, we will make every reasonable attempt to inform you of why we are collecting your information, to whom we will disclose that information and the purposes for which we intend to use that information.

In general, the purposes for which we collect your personal information include:

  • to place you on our mailing list
  • to deal with any inquiries you have about the Festival of Japan
  • being able to inform you of any details about the Festival of Japan
  • to inform you of any selected special offers made to ticket buyers of the Festival of Japan by festival sponsors
  • list content goes here

To ensure that these purposes are fulfilled, the information may be disclosed to other companies involved in organizing and conducting the Festival of Japan
at all times, we will take care to ensure that your personal information is protected and treated confidentially and in accordance with Japanese privacy laws